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How can I help YOUR BUSINESS to STOP Leaving MONEY on the Table

An hour with me to "pick my brains" and ask for input, development or creation of your assets, allergy or vegan replaced campaigns, menus, food safety, marketing, PR or SEO recommendations. Cover whatever you need in one hour. 


I've been asked for my "creative input" from various industry businesses and job roles.  I'll give you insights, ideas, practical solutions and market research with an underlying foundation of food safety compliance. 
All you have to do is book a time to suit you and where possible give me some idea of what you're going to be focusing on.

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What you will get

Immediately receive a link to my calendar to book a 30-60minute Zoom call

Complete an easy questionnaire

Give me 48 hours or more to review your website, menu, and research you and your offering online

The book will be despatched to your requested address

An action plan will be issued following the call

Anything you implement, review, reword, or create following our call can be sent to my email for review and feedback within a follow up call within 3 months

Confidentiality guaranteed

Food safety, allergy management, customer service, signage, menus, claims and disclaimers, social media, SEO, free marketing opportunities, reviews.....improve how inclusive you are to serve more, risk less and EARN MORE!

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Heather is confident she can help you see the "money left on the table", she will honour her slogan: 

"Earn More, Risk Less"

If you don't see the value of 30-60mins with Heather - because you are already inclusive, compliant and exploring all free marketing opportunities. 

Get A Full Refund!
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A simple approach

Getting started with an inclusive menu can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!


Action starts with the right mindset. Heather gives you all the perspectives to get you in the correct head-space to begin. The diverse customer base, staff, CFOs and CEOs, marketers, SEO robots, trainers and compliance professionals perspectives.

Step-by-step solutions

The first steps involve seeing the opportunities. Practical adaptations to get organic long lasting new customers in easy to follow steps without compromising safety.

Back of house, front of house, communication and marketing. No other food safety or compliance companies, put it all together.

Useful resources & book

Free resources and links to market research, industry experts advice, take or leave it recommendations, action plan of all the practical solutions you can use to get started, make things easier and optimise your current offers. Priceless amounts of confidence and a competitive edge available here. 



Case Study

"Heather was recommended to me as an expert on food allergy management in the hospitality industry, as we wanted to better understand some of the nuances of the legislation and current best practices. Talking to Heather was really enlightening and I was impressed with her breadth and depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity. Her approach differs from many others in the compliance field as it is customer-centric and positive and helps show how the perceived risk of allergies can be turned into an opportunity to capitalise on."

Pete Hunt – Director | Six BALTIC  Bar & Restaurant 

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


You also get access to:

Heather Landex - Inclusive Members area

Full of free resources and tools to help educate and support food businesses towards inclusivity. There you will find are more instructions and explanation of and use of a Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator. Please confirm to receive emails.

The Ultimate Starter Mini Course

Heather covers everything you need to know to confidently serve more customers and increase sales, reduce safety risks and protect brand reputation.

In other words, she'll give you insights, ideas, practicals solutions and market research to help you see the money being left on the table by the food service industry. You will definitely learn something and likely be entertained in the process.

Free resources

Whist researching for her book "Inclusive: The New Exclusive. How The Food Service Industry Can STOP Leaving Money On The Table", Heather gathered some resources that might help you understand some of your customers' perspectives better. 

There are also extracts from Heather's book, and examples, expert opinions and advice from the contributors, sponsors and supporters of the book.

Case Studies

"Heather has insightful, multidisciplinary and on trend innovative advice in safety with a focus on improving our competitive edge and confidence. She has advised us regarding adaptation to the Covid restrictions and inclusivity which matches changing market needs and priorities. I have enjoyed our consultations and recommend Heather highly as a pioneer in her niche, her input has been invaluable."

Muhammad Asif – CEO | Main Course Associates

Try the Return on Investment Calculator developed by MCA International. They calculated a 11.8% increase in revenue through addition of inclusive menu options/items in a standard restaurant.



  • Inclusive Food Service Ltd

    Heather has challenged my own perspectives and led me to improve our own services to increase our clients' customer service capabilities and safety through a simple addition to our existing app.

    DeliveryBiz Connect, Canada

  • Inclusive Food Service Ltd

    I've had the pleasure to work briefly and closely with Heather, where she was a guest speaker to our Hotel Management students, during our Industrial Kitchen hygiene lessons.

    She was very well-prepared, informative and efficient. Yet at the same time, she was charming, fun, and eager to answer any questions brought forth by the students. Heather is highly recommendable!!

    Lecturer Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

  • Inclusive Food Service Ltd
    James Beaulieu Pic

    Heather has made us think about the impact our business has on the world we live in and through her extensive knowledge, the action we need to take to offer sustainable, plant based menu alternatives.

    Owner of The Chesterford Group of Companies


How YOUR BUSINESS can STOP Leaving MONEY on the Table


Increase revenue over 10%

Be confident, competent and competitive, with a life time return on investment.